Fantasy Faire 2021: Imraith-Nimphais

As soon as I saw the Alicorn from Teegle, I knew that once I had shown it off with its “out of the box” appearance, I would have to transform it into one of my favourite fictional equines. Imraith-Nimphais, the blood-red flying unicorn from Guy Gavriel Kay’s The Fionavar Tapestry. If you don’t know it and you love fantasy, please give it a try. Its one of the most beautiful, heart-wrenching series of books that has ever been written. Those of you who have read it will know why I included a dragon in one of the shots.

The dragon, of course, is one of the amazing creations by Prehistorica: The Dawn Kingdoms, who also created the whole of the Khol Dracys sim. I don’t think actual animesh pets are for sale (alas) but it seems for display purposes they turned their dragon avatars into animesh. And now that I saw that the avatar comes in five sizes, I have to get one (unless, of course, there’s a pet version around the corner…). But dragon or wyvern? Decisions, decisions, but I think wyvern to use for some Targaryen dragon photos.

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To make my red Alicorn, I used the Scepter skin from Teegle and Teegle’s own appliers for mane, fluff and wings. I then tinted the wings a bit redder. I may still want to go even more blood-red, but we’ll see how she evolves going from here.

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The stunning sky was achieved through an EEP preset from Stevie Davros Custom Skies. For landscape photography, I am definitely sold on EEP.


Teegle Teeglepet Alicorn (Fantasy Faire 2021 - Isles of Tarrin)
Teegle “Scepter” Red Sorrel Skin
Teegle Natural Colored Mane & Fluffs for Teeglepet Unicorn
Teegle Wing Texture Applier for Teeglepet Pegasus

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