Christmas Preparations

We’re taking our Christmas tree in tomorrow, but I am not sure I will be decorating it wearing a similar “outfit”. Actually, I am pretty sure I won’t. ;) But since the decorator’s stool from Libertine includes both some tree-decorating poses AND some pin-up poses, the ideas kind of merged in my mind. I also had a few new items from Voluptas Virtualis that lent themselves perfectly to decorating myself a bit. Finally, the lack of clothing allowed me to wear the Slink natural bottom augment for the Hourglass shape and to really focus on the new boots from Slink.

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The tree is the decoratable tree from Libertine, which is scripted to work with ornaments from several seasonal gachas as well as with various gifts given out by Libertine at different Christmas events. The tree was first released in 2014, so by now there’s a lot of ornaments to collect. The latest gacha set was released last year and includes, among other things, the decorator’s stool. There have also been non-gacha expansions to the tree released, such as a snowy and a dark version.

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Around my neck I wear the Primrose ribbon from Voluptas Virtualis and the heart bedazzling is called Delara, also from Voluptas Virtualis. Both these items are available at the Fetish Fair for December.

The hair from Wasabi is one of two gacha styles available at the Epiphany. This style can also be worn with a knitted headband.

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At the big Shop & Hop event, Slink has some new releases, including these sleek and sexy Marion boots. They are great value as all colours are included, pretty much for the price of one pair. There’s also a new sweater to go with the boots, some seasonal gifts and 25% off on everything in the booth—including body bundles and heads! Don’t miss this opportunity.


Body Parts: Slink Physique Hourglass body with Natural Bottom Augment, Slink hands & feet, Slink Visage Amelia, Mayfly eyes
Skin: DNA Female Skin Base 07
Hair:  Wasabi Melanie (The Epiphany)
Clothes: Voluptas Virtualis Delara and Primrose II (Fetish Fair)
Accessories: Slink Marion Boots (Shop & Hop)
Decor: Libertine Decoratable Tree 2017, Decorator’s Stool and Messy Animated Cloth.

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