Snowstorm and Slink News

For this post, I combined a new release from Slink and a pretty, wintery gacha from Fallen Gods with some beautiful seasonal decor items from Libertine and Roawenwood. The Slink release might possibly have called for a video, but I’ve experimented with just showing it with an animated gif. What is it, then? You’ll have to read on and see. First, I wanted to highlight the Snowstorm gacha from Fallen Gods, which you can find at The Liasion Collaborative. It is a unisex tattoo gacha with snow flakes in gold, white and ice (blue) for head and body which includes both Omega appliers and BOM layers.

Click for full-sized image

I love how it looks on this pale tone of the DNA skin and together with the Aura hair from Exile, also in a very light tone. The head I am using here is LightStar’s Athena, which has been updated with BOM support.

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Alia Baroque has also been busy releasing a lot of new decor under the Libertine brand, such as some new rugs, draped tables and trays of yummies that are out at the Christmas Expo. The rugs and the tables are texture change and the trays include full sets as well as all pieces separately. Perfect for getting the holiday feeling going in your house.

I also added in a floor lounger from Roawenwood which is available in red or green at We Love Role-Play for just L$50.

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Finally, we get to the new release from Slink, namely the Natural Bottom Augment. In this image, you’ll see it shifting back and forth between the Physique body with and without the augment. It essentially adds a bit more roundness to your bottom and starts the curve a little higher up.

The augment is also available for the Hourglass body and in a bundle for both bodies. I may do some comparison shots for Hourglass as well; always good to have an excuse for being naked. ;)

The augment is primarily intended for use when naked or wearing system layers, as it will not always work with mesh clothing closely fitted to the bottom. Included with the augment is a physics layer for subtle movement.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body with Natural Bottom Augment, Slink hands & feet, LightStar Athena, Mayfly eyes
Skin: DNA Female Skin Base 02
Tattoos: Fallen Gods White Complete/Intense and Gold Flakes (The Liasion Collaborative)
Hair: Exile Aura (Tannenbaum)
Decor: Libertine Ancient Persian Mashad rug (A Shopping Carol), Frothy table Yule Ed. (Christmas Expo) and Capodanno Milanese (A Shopping Carol), Roawenwood Christmas Floor Lounger in Red (We Love Role-Play), HEXtraordinary Rustic Fireplace

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