Autumn Redeux

Redeux is now open for the October round, running from the 14th to the 21st. There are plenty of discounted items on offer, including a L$50 offer from each merchant, and you will find everything from fashion to home & garden items. I decided to begin with a feature of the latter, showing some medieval buildings from Harshlands and some autumn decor by Artisan Fantasy.

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Harshlands is offering a Medieval Town set including a house, an inn and a smithy, all available in mirrored version as well. I like the look of these buildings, but I did find them very large and unfortunately no mod.

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Artisan Fantasy has several fall-themed sets at Redeux and here I opted for decorating the little town square with some of their carved pumpkins (I love how the glow came out in this dark windlight setting) plus the Stony Hollow fall bunting that I hung beneath some of the windows.

The autumnal tree at the center of the town square is by Roawenwood and the whole setup is done on one of my Solid Sky Landscapes from Landscapes Unlimited, immensely useful for being able to add more land for all sorts of seasonal settings and photo locations.

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