When in Rome

Time flies and only a few days remain until this round of Redeux closes on the 21st of October. If you don’t visit before then, you’ll miss some great deals, including a L$50 special from each merchant. In this post, I am giving you a look at some discounted decor from Del-ka Aedilis plus a slip of a dress from Faida. It is not quite what a Roman kitchen slave would have worn, but we’ll call this one fantasy inspired by Rome. The Aisha dress includes sizes for Maitreya and Legacy and features nice use of materials to bring out the details in the Black Flower design.

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Delka Aedilis has three items from their Roman-inspired Civitas series available at Redeux; a Roman oil lamp (this is their L$50 item), a Roman tavern table and the large Roman culina & thermopolium set.

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These photos show primarily pieces from the culina & thermopolium set, though I did set up the tavern table in the room as well. The set includes three pieces that feature various work animations; the heart, the worktable and the thermopolium. The latter also includes some more general socialising animations.

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I really like the attention to details in this set and the fact that it includes an informative notecard about what these pieces are based on. In case you wonder, a thermopolium was essentially Roman fast-food, serving prepared food to mainly the poorer classes who might not have a kitchen at home.


Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, LOGO Ivona head, LOGO eyes
Skin: Tuli Maya T5
Hair: Truth Shadow (VIP Group Gift)
Clothes: Faida Aisha Black Flower (Redeux)
Decor: Del-ka Aediles Civitas Series - Culina & Thermopolium (Redeux)

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