More Oopsies!

Faida and Velvet Whip has another collaboration from their “Oops!” line out at We Love Role-Play. This is a line of scripted clothing for roleplay, which allows parts of the outfit to be removed when it is clicked by the wearer or someone else who is allowed to control the outfit. When someone else does it, the action can be accompanied by roleplaying emotes. I’ll show a couple of the options in this post, so it will be getting progressively more nsfw. The gorgeous hair I am wearing is the latest group gift for Truth’s VIP group; it has so many different ways of wearing it that you will be seeing a lot of it.

Click for full-sized image

This is the default state of the dress, everything covered up! You also have the option to take off just the sleeves, for a different PG way of wearing the dress.

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And, of course you can start teasing a bit, opening the dress up to show one or both breasts.

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The most revealing option (before you get the dress off entirely) is to show both breasts and pull up the skirt as well. Remember to not have your legs alphaed out then, it looks more funny than sexy. ;P


On Freyja:

Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, Vista Emily, Mayfly eyes
Skin: YS&YS (on Emily HUD)
Hair: Truth Kaijah (VIP group Gift)
Clothes:Faida & Velvet Whip Oops! Tanith Purple (We Love Role-Play)

On Ran:

Body Parts: Slink Physique Male body, Slink hands & feet, LeLutka Andrea
Skin: Tableau Vivant Andrea Tone 6

Poses: Mythril Roleplay HUD, Serendipity
Decor: Roawenwood Simple Life Rugged Bath Tub, Fanatik Dungan Castle

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