The Old Village

A new month and a new round of We Love Role-Play means that I have a treasure trove of new releases to share with you. Since I picked up the fatpack of all Landscapes Unlimited items when it was on sale last weekend, I decided to setup one of the full sky landscapes and create a little village for my adventuress to stop by in, perhaps for a drink at the old well.

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The primary outfit I am wearing is called Miris and it is one of Aisling’s releases for WLRP. The dress, harness (top & bottom) and arm pieces are all separate so they can be worn in different configurations and they come in fitted mesh for both Slink bodies and Maitreya’s Lara. There’s also a pair of panties if you wear the dress on its own, but here I paired it with the Hisa pants from lassitude & ennui. They are appliers rather than mesh and that makes them absolutely invaluable for pairing with other mesh pieces, especially for roleplay outfits.

The Aethia boots are also from Aisling and the options offered by the HUD match those offered by the HUD for the Miris set.

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The Venus hair from Wasabi Pills is from the Crossroads rather than WLRP, but I thought the style complemented the overall look of this outfit nicely. It does come with an additional feature not seen here, a headband that can be either plain or studded, which I didn’t feel quite worked with this look.

The two necklaces are from the Serra set by the Plastik, which also offers a shorter necklace, earrings and and a male necklace. The set comes in a choice of four metals and includes a HUD with a large selection of gemstone textures.

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Finally, we have the Old Village House by Noble Creations, a rustic and compact build which features two small rooms, one downstairs and one upstairs. I really like the outside stairs going to the upper floor and this house would look great on a cramped street in a village or small town.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, Mayfly eyes, FATElashes
Skin: PXL Aurora
Hair: Wasabi Pills Venus (The Crossroads)
Clothes: Aisling Miris (We Love Role-Play), lassitude & ennui Hisa Pants (We Love Role-Play)
Accessories: Aisling Aethia Boots (We Love Role-Play), The Plastik Serra Chain (We Love Role-Play)
Decor: Noble Creations Old Village House (We Love Role-Play) and Rustic Well
Poses: oOo Studio

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