Winter and its Gifts

The holiday season here, and sims and designers both are turning themselves over to winter. I decided to visit one lovely winter sim, It All Starts with a Smile, to feature a couple of items I’ve picked up this last week to get my avatar ready for below-freezing weather.

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I was very recently lamenting the fact that some of the great clothing stores I used to visit weren’t really active anymore, and one that loomed large in my mind was the Valiant clothing brand by Wavie Haller—I probably own more “modern” clothing from them in my inventory than any other creator. But as it happens, I was behind the times, because at the Arcade I discovered a gatcha for “Con/Val”—that would be Consignment (a mesh furniture store) and—ta-da!—Valiant. The gatcha includes a number of items—boxer shorts, shirt, cardigan, jacket, two types of pants—and featured in this image is the Seafire pant. This one comes in three types based on the tightness of the legs, and also includes jean suspenders (which, weirdly, seem to have an enormously high land impact) which are optional.The texturing of the mesh is terrific, and these are easily one of the better pair of mesh jeans I own.

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To pair with it I have another pick-up, the excellent pea coat from Deadwool featured in this photo. Absolutely love its look and its texturing, and the fact that it comes with a HUD that allows changes to some of the details. You’ll note that in this image, the buttons are a different color (you get three to choose from), as is the scarf (fifteen to choose from!), and even the sleeves of a sweater that poke out from beneath the coat (you get nine to select from). While this was released at the Signature event, it works just fine on someone wearing Slink.

Body Parts: Slink Physique male body, Slink hands
Skin: Birth Rufus skin Forest
Hair: Maitreya Reign Pitch
Clothes: [Deadwool] Admiral Pea Coat (Signature), [Con/Val] (Valiant) Seafire pants (The Arcade)
Poses: !Bang Homme

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