Suddenly, it is ferociously hot here and of course I had picked today for a thorough house cleaning. Perhaps that is why I was inspired to make this photo of someone working in warm conditions! New releases by Roawenwood, Tableau Vivant and ieQED are featured in this “crafty” post.

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The Shimasani weaving loom from Roawenwood is available at the current round of The Liaison Collaborative. It is a pretty, colourful roleplay prop which comes with six animations, with this weaving animation being the most specialized.

The bracelets are from ieQED’s Eclectic Bracelets gacha at Kustom9. There are 10 bracelets to one and the rare is a HUD with five metal options and six gem options.

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The hair is a new Hair Fair release from Tableau Vivant called Charlotte, featuring a braid draped across each shoulder. This is a more realistic braided style than many others in Second Life, which tend to feature rather enormous braids. I like those too, but this one is very neatly fitted and looks very good.

The Antler necklace is another ieQED release, this one from The Secret Affair.

I am also wearing the Fomhar dress from lassitude & ennui and my skin is from Imabee.

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