Wasabi Pills at Hair Fair

Have you been to Hair Fair yet? If not, there’s four sims of hair waiting to be thoroughly demoed. And if you already have gone through it once, take a second round (I thoroughly recommend cam-shopping from one of the two extra sims provided for that purpose). It is for a good cause, after all, and you can never have enough hair! If long styles are your passion, you definitely need to check out these three styles from Wasabi Pills.

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Fionna is the least “arranged” of the three styles, with the hair mostly left loose save for a small braid. A beautiful style for both roleplay looks and more modern looks.

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Bubblegum combines a braid and a side pony for a style with a bit more attitude.

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Finally, the most dressed-up style is Marceline, with a high pony tail and artfully arranged loose tendrils across each shoulder.

I am wearing different shades from the Reds pack for all three hairs. The HUD includes 10 shades of red, plus roots versions for each. The gown I am wearing is a collaboration between Fallen Gods & Faida for the Mythiara gacha at The Epiphany. I do have to note that I did use some image editing magic to make it fit; its actually a fitmesh for the Maitreya body, which I do not use. My skin is PXL Aurora and the poses are by oOo Studios.

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