Muses Renewed

More and more creators are now moving to offering their mesh as fitmesh, either based on “Ruth” or on specific bodies, and the advantage in terms of fit over “Standard Sizes” is quite considerable. Producing fitmesh for all different bodies still involves a lot of work, however, so I am very happy that many creators have opted for supporting more than one brand. But why am I going on about this today? Because the Muses has re-released some of my favourite gowns in four fitmesh sizes for the classic/system body, Slink’s two bodies and an experimental size for the Maitreya Lara body. So, I am taking a second look at a couple of them, and as it happened they went beautifully with some new jewellery from Aisling.

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Burning Sand, here in black & gold (a total of 12 colours are available, 6 with gold and 6 with silver), is a one-shouldered gown that bares one breast and clings closely to your shape. With the fitmesh update, it accentuates the Slink Physique body beautifully.

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I thought it worked quite well to pair this with the Jika set from Aisling, one of two new releases that will be available at The Fantasy Collective when it opens on the 22nd of June. Jika features two styles of pearl necklaces, pearl belts and bracelets together with matching nipple covers, and of course it comes with a HUD for a range of pearl colours.

Also brand new is the Cindy hair from EMO-tions. This is an absolutely gorgeous braided style available at Shiny Shabby and I will have to show you more of it soon. My skin is Tuli’s Maya in T4.

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