Tomorrow, the Gacha Garden opens up for another round and judging by the offerings from Roawenwood and Luxuria, things might get a little steamy there. I’ll be giving you a look at both some of the regular prizes and the Seed of Inspiration prizes, which are granted to all who play a specific gacha 20 times.

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The Roawenwood gacha, Diva May Care, offers nine different shoe chairs. The seven commons include sits, the two rares both the sits and a selection of suitably saucy dances. These are great for a boudoir look with a difference.

Luxuria’s Rosalie gacha includes the cheekily see-through lingerie seen here in seven colours as commons, plus two sets of common tattoos. The rare is the elaborate full body tattoo worn in both pictures.

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Roawenwood’s Seed of Inspiration is this lip-shaped sofa, which includes solo sits (female, male, flirty) as well as couple animations for chatting, cuddling and kissing.

From Luxuria comes this sexy bodysuit with garters and stockings, which you are also certain to get if you play that gacha 20 times.

My hair is one of the Winter Love group gifts from Alice Project—I love how the gold streaks go with the gold tattoo—and I am wearing an older skin, Kass Calypto from the Abyss, with an applier from PXL that I tinted with the Slink Physique RGB HUD.

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