Twice Bejewelled

I love jewellery in both RL and SL, but SL definitely has the advantage in that I can’t really wear nothing but jewellery in RL. Or rather, there never seems to be quite the time and place for it. ;) In SL, however, the opportunities are as many as you want them to be and there are plenty of choices for what to wear. The latest to land in my inventory is two matched sets from ieQED. I also took this opportunity to show off a Pink Fuel skin and a favourite hair from Calico, which has just moved to a new location.

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Starting with the skin it is the Morgana skin in apricot, a special for the Arcade. I was lucky enough to win one of the rares and while brown brows generally aren’t ideal for me, these work nicely with a dark red hair. I also picked up the Physique appliers in Apricot to be able to use the skin with my mesh body and I do like the effect of the Curvy applier quite a bit.

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The “outfit” consists of the Kaia jewellery and the Kaia body jewellery sets, both available either in a single metal or as a HUD-driven fatpack. The Kaia jewellery(necklace & earrings) is available at Kustom9 whereas the Kaia body jewellery (belt, harness and nipple rings) is available at The Secret Affair.

The texturing on this set is really striking and shows off the metals in a very nice way.

The hair, finally, is called Rym and it is a gorgeously long, flowing style. Calico does some great hairs, especially for fantasy looks but not just that, and I don’t see nearly enough of them on the feeds.

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