Daughter of the North

This round of The Secret Affair is inspired by the Vikings. There was a lot of items with at best a very tenuous connection to anything remotely Viking-like, but then there were some very nice pieces as well, clearly showing the theme. Two of them were created by Aisling and I am showing one of them here, together with another favourite hair from Calico.

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The Astrid gown is an all-in-one gown (and jewellery!) that comes in several sizes as well as fitmesh (worn here). Each over-gown colour offers a choice of two undergowns and it also comes with a HUD that gives you different metal options for the jewellery.

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The style of this gown comes quite close to a proper Viking-gown (I had the opportunity to look closely at some during Medeltidsveckan on Gotland this summer) and the jewellery is quite appropriate too. The detailing is great, just look closely at the necklace and the side-laces on the overgown.

I matched the gown with the Livia hair from Calico, which looks great in this pale shade, and the Imogen skin from Imabee (plus a pair of my Mayfly mesh eyes).

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