Visiting Paradise

With this kind of outfit, my go-to kind of location has been a desert-y environment. But I’ve taken a lot of shots at Kingdom of Sand and at our own little desert, so I went looking for something else and came across Fruit Islands Tropical Rainforest. Since the dress by Senzafine is for the Conquest, a Game of Thrones-inspired event, lets just say my character is visiting the Summer Isles and marvelling at the local flora and fauna. The hair I am wearing is by Wasabi Pills for the same event.

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The Daenaria dress by Senzafine is available in four colour packs, each with four colours. You are offered a range of hues, from pale pastels to deeper jewel tones. While I don’t know that anyone in Westeros would wear something quite like this, dress styles in Essos are definitely quite a bit more exotic. It would also fit other fantasy-type scenarios, blending rich fabrics and a touch of practicality with the broad leather belt and the apron-like layer at the front. I am wearing the always very useful M+ size here, which allows for a bit more body fat, muscle and even belly than the usual M.

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The hair is Keira 2, one of two variant styles from Wasabi Pills at the Conquest (the other, Keira, has the hair falling over both shoulders). A pretty, elegant fantasy style with hair twisted into a crown and wrapped around the head while the rest is left loose.

The skin is PXL’s Aeryn in Olive and the eyes Ebon by Mayfly. The collar is aisling’s Chandra collar and poses are by Black Tulip.

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