The Price of Conquest

The Conquest is a Game of Thrones-inspired event and among the brands present are Jian, Faida and Fallen Gods, the former with a new subbrand and the latter two by way of another excellent collaboration. I was pleased to see that there were a good many items that took inspiration from rather than copied too blatantly. For these photos, I paired the items with another event-release from Jian and a pair of gorgeous new eyes from Mayfly.

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Starting with Jian’s release for Genre‘s military round, the Conqueror’s War Table has a nicely timeless design and should fit into most war rooms except the very modern ones. It comes with three texture options for the metal edge of the table. The candle set next to the map is also by Jian.

The Secrets gown by Faida and Fallen Gods makes use of their innovative HUD that not only gives you several texture options per colour but also allows you to make parts of the gown transparent in order to combine different colours together by wearing multiple gowns at the same time. This allows for a truly medieval-inspired look where, for example, overgown and undergown can be contrasted. I really love this idea, even if it makes getting more colours terribly tempting! The gown’s detailing is also quite beautiful, from the delicate embroideries to the ties in front and the fall of the skirt.

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The Breathless Spirit jewellery set is the first release from JianJAM, which will be the brand for accessories, apparel and other wearables. This is a beautiful first release, paying tribute to a certain poisoned necklace. It comes with a HUD for changing the metal, the stones and the ribbon and the HUD cleverly allows you to select either all pieces or each piece individually, should you wish to mix colours.

My gorgeous violet eyes—perfect for any Valyrians out there—are a new release from Mayfly, whose mesh eyes are my go-to brand. The latest addition is a set of violet hues, with this being the second darkest, Deep Violet. I had a very hard time picking which one to get as they are all quite lovely.

My skin is an old favourite, Pixie by The Shops, and I am wearing Calico’s Helaine hair in the palest blond nuance. The building is once again my new favourite, the largest building in Fanatik’s medieval village set.

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