An Invitation

I am still digging my way out of a bit of a hole, but I do have a lot of inspiring things in my inventory that wants my attention, such as this outfit by the Plastik which I’ve had on for some days but not quite found the right setting for. But then I picked up one of Trompe Loeil‘s new items for Collabor88 and it started coming together.

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The Esme outfit by the Plastik is a very nice combination of sexy and elegant. The fish-tail skirt hugs your curves and the lacing and ruffles on the side are perfect finishing touches. You could certainly wear it with a more covering top, but the cropped top that comes with it is really quite sweet. I did add on the Ravel bolero from Faida & Fallen Gods for a bit more coverage, however. Each colour of it comes with a HUD that gives you six variations on that colour, some plain and some patterned.

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The Alexi Chase Lounge by Trompe Loeil for Collabor88 comes in either neutrals (this set) or a punk version, which offers brighter and bolder colours. It also comes in either a PG or an Adult version—by now you should know which one I always get—and you get two versions; with or without the pillows and spread.

The skin is once again the lovely and pale Aurora by PXL; I really like how refined and elegant it looks. The brows are by alaskametro and the eyeliner by elymode and I am wearing the Lindsey hair by Wasabi Pills. The necklace and the earrings are Maxi Gossamers Selene set.

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