Red as Blood

I love the contrast between the frosty surroundings (and the streetlamp, for that Victorian touch) at the Neva River sim and the black and dark red of this outfit, which is based around a gown from Senzafine and jewellery from aisling.

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The Isadora gown from Senzafine for Gothmas by Gaslight definitely captures the Victorian feel of the event in its silhouette and details. The contrasts are quite subtle since the base is dark and the accent colours likewise, but it makes for a rich, elegant look. The gown is sold with colouring huds of which there’s three to choose from, each offering five colour options. This colour is from Pack 01.

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The hair is Justine from Pale Empress for Gothmas by Gaslight and I picked a rich, blood-red shade from the included HUD. The hair fit very well together with the ultrarare headdress from the Dame the Fleurs gacha by aisling for Tales of Fantasy. The beautiful rare necklace is also from the gacha, as well as the hand and wrist decorations. It follows a similar pattern to their previous gachas, with black, silver and gold for the metals and a HUD for the accent colours.

The skin is Kimber in Celtic by DeeTalez, one of my favourite pale skins since I can’t wear my skins from the Shops with my Physique body, and the poses are from oOo Studios.

With two full sims, it will take a while to work through all of Gothmas by Gaslight, so I think you can expect a few more posts in this vein from me. Of course, with Christmas around the corner, RL might also be swallowing me whole soon—it takes about 3-4 days of cooking to prepare a proper Swedish julbord.

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