Red as Blood

I love the contrast between the frosty surroundings (and the streetlamp, for that Victorian touch) at the Neva River sim and the black and dark red of this outfit, which is based around a gown from Senzafine and jewellery from aisling.

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Two Queens

Need a new gown in your Second Life? Then pay a visit to Luminary‘s booth at Mystic Realms Faire and find your favourite(s) from four new releases. I’ll be showing two in this post, both against the backdrop of 22769 ~ [bauwerk] and their Game of Kings gacha from The Gathering.

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A Tempting Tale

The Eunice gacha from Aisling for the new Tales of Fantasy event which opens on June 10th is one of those sets I couldn’t resist shooting all on its own, with no distracting clothing. Its jewellery for a temptress.

The set consists of one ultra rare (the chestpiece) which comes HUD for customising the metals and the accents as well as one rare (the headpiece) in each of the three metals and three commons in each of the three metals. The work is stunningly intricate and as the chestpiece is mod you should be able to use it on a range of shapes. It is very well modelled and I found it quite easy to adjust to my shape.

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