Portraits of Ice and Fire: Part Two

Time for another of those portraits inspired by The World of Ice and Fire. Both Ran and I are big fans of Dorne and we were absolutely thrilled that GRRM wrote so much about the region for the book. In particular, the story of how Nymeria led her people to Dorne and joined forces with Mors Martell made us squeal with excitement when we first read that part of the manuscript. So, of course I had to do an interpretation of Nymeria. There are a couple of great pieces of art in the book showing her as well, though in this case I didn’t really look at any of those.

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I picked The Elaisse gown from Senzafine to serve as a Dornish robe-like dress. The embroidery on the dress really helps sell the richness of the cloth and I think it suits a Dornish look very well. The Gloriana crown from ieQED in copper catches the Martell colours really well and I think it could be seen as a stylized sun and spear representation.

The skin, of course, is key for something like this and I went with Jalwa’s Sameena skin in Coriander. The “salty” Dornish of the coasts (such as the Martells) are said to look very Rhoynish, so Nymeria must have had olive skin. I did cheat a bit with the eyes; they should be dark, but I loved how these amber eyes blended in with the other colours. The hair should probably be straighter, but this Truth hair fit the crown so well that I am fine with it. Alas, I didn’t have a suitable prop a la the dragon that I used for Rhaenyra.

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