Golden Girl

Is there such a thing as too much gold? Probably, but the Midas colour of the Ysandre dress from the Plastik isn’t it. In fact, it just inspired me to don some more gold, in the shape of some of aisling‘s recent releases as well as a pair of sun-golden sandals from Bliensen + MaiTai. Then I headed off to the Forgotten City for a bit of sight-seeing.

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The Ysandre dress comes in 20 colour/pattern options and each includes a version with and without the studs. I really like the way it hugs the throat, not to mention the ruffled hemline and the high slit on one side. Very sexy, without being too in your face about it.

The gorgeous Darshana hand ornaments from aisling are available at this round of We Love Role-Play. They are fitted to the Slink Casual hands and come pre-fitted to a wide range of hand sizes, but they are also modifiable if you need to tweak something. A HUD for changing the metal colour and the gem colour is included, offering a wide range of customisation options.

The Walking on Sunshine sandals for Slink Flat feet are a Dreaming Tree release from Bliensen + MaiTai (I am not sure if it is still up at a discounted price, but if not, they are definitely worth full price too) and I could definitely see pairing these with a variety of outfits, not the least some of my Dorne-inspired gowns given the sun motif.

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The hair is Isadora, the very first hair release from aisling. It comes with the chain in either silver or gold and with the jewel clickable for colour changing. I have to say I really like both the hair texture and the modelling of the hair; its quite sleek and feels pretty natural. You get two different sizes for women (plus a large breasts option for each of those) and two sizes for men as well, which is a very welcome option. There are nine different colour packs, including the all important mix pack.

I am still in my Physique mesh body from Slink and this time I am wearing Adam n Eve’s Siobhan skin in tone 5. I am also wearing my FATEeyes and the first pose is by oOo Studios.

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