Peacock Queen

The Palace of Tears is a stunning build that is part of this years Fantasy Faire. There are no vendors on this sim, but if you do the second part of the hunt, you will find yourself there. And even if you don’t do the hunt, do visit because it is a gorgeous build with some really haunting and creative decorations in the palace gardens.

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The Paiva gown is from the Muses and this is certainly one of Nephilaine’s most outstanding pieces of texturing. The colours are absolutely amazing and the detail of the peacock feathers is just stunning. I love the idea of the cloak with the feather overlay, it creates a great effect. You can find at the Fantasy Faire in four colours.

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The incredibly crown and the matching collar are the Sumiana set from aisling, also a Fantasy Faire release. There are eight different colours available and it comes with a HUD to change the metal/colour of the chains and the stones. These pieces also make use of materials, making the metals and the stones look even more stunning.

The hair, Sanna in Ash, is another of Wasabi Pills Fantasy Faire releases. Just about all of them feature braids this year and I absolutely love that.

My skin is from the Plastik’s Astrali line, the “Kari” tone. This is not the skin that the Plastik has on offer for the Fantasy Faire, however, but you should definitely give that one a look as well if you want a really striking fantasy skin.

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