Armoured and Ready

Bare Rose is a true SL institution. When it comes to fantasy outfits for just about any occasion, the store is undoubtedly the one that is likely to have what you need—and that is regardless of whether your avatar is male or female as June Dion almost always offers a variant for both genders. Such as of these fabulous fantasy armours.

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The armour largely consists of rigged mesh pieces with clothing layer mail to be worn underneath. The shield and the sword (which is a touch large, admittedly) are also included in the set.

The armour comes in both a regular and a dark version and each of them are available for both male and female avatars. In this case, Ran has tinted his dark plate to a rich blood red whereas I am wearing the regular plate unmodified. The use of materials to capture a true metallic shine gives the armour a really stunning look.

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Most Bare Rose mesh comes only in the one size (some outfits come in additional chest sizes for women), but for outfits like this I don’t find it too limiting. I also find that the one size that June Dion provides is pretty good for both mine and Ran’s shapes, at least when it comes to more fully covering designs. I am hoping that she may move into fitted mesh as I expect I might be shopping at Bare Rose quite regularly then.

As usual, these pieces are worth way, way more than the L$190 that they are priced at. The work that has gone in them is quite impressive.

I am in my Rain hair from Exile (from the Arcade) and the Astrali skin from the Plastik. Ran is also in an Exile hair, Far Behind, and he is in a skin from the Abyss. Our poses are a mix of Axix, Musa and Glitterati.

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