Pale Huntress

Life has continued to be more hectic than I would prefer (especially in December!), but I have at least managed a bit of reading lately. One of the books was an ARC of Mark Smylie’s The Barrow, which is quite the old-fashioned Sword & Sorcery adventure. It was just the inspiration I needed to create a look from a couple of the new releases for this round of We Love Role-Play: Jalwa’s Snow Queen skin and ieQED’s antler pauldrons.

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The whole look also needed a few other pieces—just a skin and pauldrons seemed a little skimpy, not that I am opposed to that either ;)—so I used an old favourite from Chaospire, added a cloak from the Muses and the new Paramour boots from lassitude & ennui. They are available for both male and female avatars, btw, and are fabulous with all sorts of roleplay looks.

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I really like the face on the Snow Queen skin from Jalwa; it is strong rather than cute, with well-defined features. The skin comes with cleavage options, with and without teeth and with and without the default pale brows, so for this look I used the browless version and added black brows to match the Kira hair from Wasabi Pills at the Arcade.

The antler pauldrons from ieQED blend fashion and fantasy into a really striking accessory that you might as well pair with gown. I quite like what I have been seeing from ieQED so far and I hope they will do more unique, fantasy-inspired accessories in the future.

Hopefully real life will settle down a bit again, though with Christmas around the corner that may be too much to hope for. Either way, I have a lot of things in my inventory that I am itching to get photoed and We Love Role-Play is to blame for a lot of it; each month brings more and more creative takes on roleplay-inspired pieces. I couldn’t be happier about that, it has certainly made the blog live up to its name,

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