Regal Ladies

This is one of those days when I am feeling rather jealous of my avatar because she has three new gowns from the Muses to play with and she can dress up like a medieval lady whenever she wants. I suppose I could technically do so in RL too, but gowns aren’t the most practical garments for everyday life. So, Second Life to the rescue.

I am also wearing some new hair styles from Alice Project, Calico and Amacci; changing hair style and hair colour with a couple of click is another of those enviable traits of Second Life.

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The first gown is Cecily, here shown in White which really sets of the golden embroideries. It has an air of youthful innocence and I paired it with the loose and flowing Wendy hair from Alice Project and the Sara skin in Pearl from Tuli.

The Wendy hair is coloured using the very handy dye huds from Alice Project. While I went for a single colour here, the huds allow for the hair to be coloured by section—there’s four to each hair—as well as individually streaked by section. You can create both some pretty extreme variations and more subtle highlighting.

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The Margaret gown, here in Spring, features bolder colours and textures than the Cecily. I love the ribbons at the wrists and the brocade of the undergown is quite fabulous.

For this gown I went for another Tuli skin, Helena in Petal, and a more elaborate hair style, Pearl from Calico. I love the long mesh hairs that Calico has started putting out (the back of this hair is really gorgeous, too) and I am really hoping for many more of these, as well as some male styles. Pearl comes with an optional hair accessory in two styles, as well, but for this look I wanted the focus to be on just the hair and the gown.

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The final gown is the Regina, here in Red. A pale undergown and a richly adorned overdress makes for a dramatic look, truly fit for a queen. The texturing is really quite stunning.

With this gown I am wearing Tuli’s Eva skin in Powder and the Estra hair from Amacci. Estra is an elegant mesh updo, adorned by orchids (these are a separate attachment and come with a hud for texture changing), and the style is worn with one of Amacci’s matching hairbases.

With Cecily, Margaret and Regina you should be set for court. As always, they come in the five Standard Sizes plus the two additional sizes used by the Muses. And if your roleplay happens to involve a pregnant character, don’t despair, because each of the gowns is also available in a maternity version.

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