Fantasy Faire: Among the Titans

I had to take a little breather to concentrate on work, but I still have quite a few gorgeous things from the Fantasy Faire to share with you. Such as this lovely hair from Analog Dog, a gown from Bilo and makeup from Beautiful Freak.

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The Warda gown from Bilo is a beautiful mesh creation with a distinctly medieval feel. It comes in either gold or silver trim and each colour features two variants. An exclusive colour is set aside for RFL.

I love both the shape and the texturing of this gown, it is very ladylike and there’s a richness to it, making it fit for any lady.

You can also glimpse the striking eye makeup from Beautiful Freak; they are offering several makeup collections for the faire, and though they all suit a fantasy feel, they can definitely be used for other looks too.

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The stunning hair is Scene from Analog Dog’s .b line. It features the brand new ombre textures that Queue Marlowe has released for the Fantasy Faire and I am absolutely in love with the reds in particular. They’re just gorgeous. Scene and another hair are new releases just for the Faire and they are both offered as RFL items, with the full ombre pack for each included.

The photos were taken on the Titan’s Hollow sim, one of the Faire sims. The featured shops can be found on Crimson Fields (Bilo and Beautiful Freak) and The DragonSpire (Analog Dog).

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