Hippoi Athanatoi

A Forest of Logs

In a fit of procrastination (in regards to my work for the literature class, that is), I decided yesterday to start on the Sisyphean task of editing and labelling 10 years worth of logs. Roughly 900, all in all, which makes me feel almost fortunate (just almost, though, because there are scenes that I still wish today I had managed to get logged) that I didn’t have a good client for my first year or two of MU*ing, considering how extremely active I was then. If I had been logging everything back then as well, that number would probably have been a few times larger. And 900 logs, give or take a few, is more than enough to keep me procrastinating for years.

However, as usual (I’ve tried this before, you see), my grand idea of starting at the beginning and just pushing along until I reached the end was soon abandoned. Instead, I decided that I would start by cleaning up some good logs suitable for publishing here on the site. As a result, the Logs section has finally had its first few contributions added and I expect a few more to go up today and within the coming weeks.

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