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The Time Master Trilogy is Back

This is actually rather old news, because someone (cough) forgot to keep herself up-to-date via Louise Cooper’s website on the author’s efforts to get her older books back into print. And now, it seems, she has succeeded.

Mundania Press have begun bringing out some very nice looking editions of her first series, the Time Master Trilogy; The Initiate, The Outcast and the Master.

The books will be available straight from Mundania Press, as well as from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.  They are being published as ebooks, in trade paperback, hardcover and also as two limited (one numbered and one lettered) hardcover editions. Following on this, presumably depending somewhat on if the sales are good enough, they also plan to re-release the prequel and the sequel trilogies Star Shadow and Chaos Gate. Additionally,  Louise Cooper has also said there are some tentative plans for something new in the same setting to follow upon the re-releases.

Now, I am lucky enough myself to actually have a matching set of all three trilogies in decent condition, but I know that they have been extremely hard to get a hold of (especially in the US where some of them were never released), and they’ve never been in print all at once. So, this is a great opportunity for anyone who maybe has read some of her books but not gotten hold of all of them to get a complete collection. And if you’ve never tried her, why not give The Initiate a go? Personally, I love them, and have read most of them several times. The premise is a world where Chaos and Order battle for the control over the hearts and minds of people, and I really enjoy the way she has explored this idea.

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