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Babylon 5 Returns

The promotional blitz for Babylon 5: The Lost Tales has begun ahead of its July 24th release date, and fans of the series will appreciate some of the material that’s now making the rounds. We’ve gathered links from far and wide to share with the fans, and you can read our reviews of B5’s pilot and first season if you’re wondering about the show but just aren’t quite sure about it.

After a long hiatus, the Babylon 5 universe is returning to the small screen with The Lost Tales, an anthology DVD containing two stories featuring Sherian, Lochley, and the technomage Galen (from the follow-up series, Crusade). The good people at Warner Bros. have started to quietly release clips from the DVD’s mini-documentaries into the wild, and there are some really terrific pieces to look at:

The Reunion - JMS, Tracey Scoggins, Bruce Boxleitner, and Peter Woodward (Quick Time, Windows Media Video, Realplayer)

Joe’s First Day on the Set - A brief bit of amusement at JMS’s expense (QT, WMV, RA)

Bruce Boxleitner - Bruce talks about the end of B5 (with some very candid remarks) and its return (QT, WMV, RA)

Aftermath - After the shooting is done (MOV, WMV, RA)

Visual FX - If you really want to see what Atmosphere (the guys behind the CG for Battlestar Galactica) are doing for B5:TLT, look at what you see 4 minutes in! (VMix)

Small Brown Cat - Hrm…. (VMix)

JMS Discusses his Role - Just what does JMS do on B5? (VMix)

Set Construction - Discussing set construction for the shoot (VMix)

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