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Last Unicorn DVD

Via Conlan Press, which has fought on behalf of Peter S. Beagle over monies he feels are owed him from The Last Unicorn animated film, we learn that a 25th anniversary DVD edition is being made available with a number of extras. As part of a special deal cut with the producers of the DVD, Conlan Press is selling the DVDs from its own site, including copies with personalized autographs from Mr. Beagle. More than half of the proceeds from the DVD sold by Conlan Press will go directly to Mr. Beagle, whereas he’ll not profit a penny from DVDs sold via other outlets while the dispute continues.

I remember the cartoon quite fondly as one of the most beautiful of the Rankin-Bass animated productions, perhaps due to the fact that much of the work was done by Japanese animators who would move on to become the core of the great Studio Ghibli, and it featured a top-notch voice acting crew (Mia Farrow, Christopher Lee, Jeff Bridges, Alan Arkin, and others). You can see the theatrical trailer for it here.

The book is excellent as well.

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