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Overdueish Things

Occasionally, I get sudden urges to clear out tasks that are way way overdue. Like uploading and commenting pictures that I prepared for upload in 2004. ;P In theory, the gallery module in ExpressionEngine should make it easy to have a photo gallery. Unfortunately, I am anal retentive. This means I have to do the uploading more or less manually in any case since I have to change the date of each picture to the exif date in order to make sure they’re all sorted properly. I am still hoping they might make a plugin that reads exif data and enters it wherever you want. Of course, I still have to comment each picture manually.

In any case, more pictures of various kinds have been uploaded. I finished up the Levade 2004 gallery (still have some 60 photos left to add to the Levade 2005 gallery, though), the WorldCon 2006 gallery, the Las Vegas 2006 gallery and added two new galleries for photos of our boxer puppy (well, the family’s boxer puppy): Ringo 2006 and Ringo 2007.

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