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Once again, I have ended up neglecting my posting duties. Possibly it wasn’t such a good idea to split things off into so many different blogs, since I have managed to keep up with some of the more ‘specialized’ ones while failing completely to write down much in the way of general ramblings. Of course, those sections are far more interesting than me just talking about myself. Still, since I am feeling like doing just that today, here’s an earful (or eyeful, rather).

Last Friday (the 18th) was my birthday, and Elio and I went with my parents to an Indian restaurant in Gothenburg. The food was very nice (if not up to Mr. Singh’s level), and the garlic naan and raita were particularly yummy. Afterwards, we went to the casino to lose some money. Not been very lucky there of late, but we played pretty conservatively, so no harm done. All in all, we had a good time, and it was a nice break from just sitting at the computer as I have spent most of the time doing of late.

The last month has been entirely too full of stuff to do with various websites. The big one was moving the ASoIaF forum to an Invision Board. I thought I’d go crazy before I figured out how to skin the darn forum, and then I did go crazy several times during the process of getting it mostly sorted out. I still have a lot of work to do to get all the graphics right on the two versions of the theme I done have so far (a basic Ice and Fire theme, and a Targaryen theme), and to get it working well on 800x600 (we added sidebars, which made a few things blow up), and then I have to do a few more variants based on the heraldry of other major houses. Stark is up first, and then we’ll see what else I can manage. Elio wants a Dayne theme, of course (‘cause he’s a big Arthur Dayne groupie, and his character on Blood of Dragons will be a Dayne), and I am not sure what I want. I’m a big Dorne groupie (the risk of Dorne being added to the MUSH is rather overwhelming), of course, but ... uh ... a Martell theme makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

I’ve also been trying to fix some outstanding design issues on Hippoi Athanatoi and Westeros, and I have managed to clear a few little problems out of the way. Still have plenty of work left on the galleries, though, and I’ve also realized that the graphics on Westeros need to be reworked yet again to take up less space so that I can fit in sidebars there too. Having the sidebar here on Hippoi Athanatoi allows me to connect up the various sections much more clearly, and to make the pages look fresher and more interactive, so I really want that for Westeros too. But that will have to wait until after most other issues are solved, and probably until after the Blood of Dragons website is filled out. We’ve also got plans to use Expression Engine for a few more sections on Westeros (like the So Spake Martin collection and the Heraldry), and working out the configuration for that and transferring all the data will take a little while. Oh, and on Hippoi Athanatoi, I really want to get around to the Logs section and to the IC section, and I think I’ll be renaming one or two sections and fiddling with some categories. Indecision is, after all, my middle name.

In the midst of all this, I have the Literature class, the final edits on the Etruscan paper for my sort-of Masters and some English exams I’d like to get out of the way. But I think I’ll save moaning about that for another post. ;)

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