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This would be my inaugural, non-Worldcon post on the Musings blog. I’m going to try and get into the habit of posting something from time to time, because (as Linda well knows) I often have something to say about something, somewhere—sometimes political (all too often, according to her), sometimes geeky, sometimes weird.

Following is a discussion of a fanfic sighting, followed by a lengthy digression regarding fan-fiction, and then a return to some hazing-spotting with some further digressions regarding social and peer group expectations in Sweden and the United States.

The title of this particular post is probably misleading, as you’ll probably suppose that I’ll be talking about movies I’ve seen lately or something such. Sadly, I haven’t seen any movies lately—pretty sure I haven’t seen a complete film since Linda and I went to see Kingdom of Heaven in the distractingly almost-entirely-empty-until-one-schlub-walks-in-at-the-last-minute theatre.

But that’s another story.

No, what I’ve recently seen are two things I’ve never seen before: someone openly reading Harry Potter .... fan-fiction, and the yearly amusement of new students at the Chalmers University of Technology being hazed. The first was being done by a young woman in the seat in front of us on the bus into G

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