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Preparing for a trip always makes me exceedingly ineffective. I go into wait mode, and even though there are hundreds of little things to do, I spend a lot of time idly browsing on the net. As a result, I haven’t added much anything at all to the site these last days, even though I still have lots of Expression Engine templates to finish. There’s also lots of work left to do on the new section at Westeros, work that definitely needs to be done before the new semester starts. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? And I haven’t even mentioned working on two MUSHes at the same time.

For now, however, I’ll probably just have to give in partially to my distracted self, and combine a little bit of website work with WorldCon preparations. I picked up a gorgeous green dress (and a nice black coat, too) when we went shopping on Friday, and I am thinking I might pick up a necklace to go with it on Monday. Or another dress. ;) Spending the whole budget before even the plane takes off is very clever, is it not? Especially since I have big plans for Lush shopping in Glasgow. Which, btw, threatens to be rainy, but apparently this is the norm, as its wet even by Scottish standards. Must pack wisely ... hah.

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