Hippoi Athanatoi

Back Into the Ring

Today we had our first show in a couple of months. Since we haven’t had much chance to train Ringo with a lot of dogs around him during the summer, I was expecting him to be rather charged up. He also started the morning off by being a little hellion already at home, so I was expecting a very bad day in the ring. It wasn’t even very warm, which might have helped to tire him out. ;P

When we got to the show (this one was quite close by, at least), he was his usual whirling dervish self for the first 30 minutes. But then he mostly came back down on the ground. Still, I was quite nervous when it was time to get into the ring. Unfortunately, we weren’t alone either. ;) Still, Ringo surprised me by not pulling too much at all as we ran the first lap, even though he was behind the other dog. He then waited mostly patiently while the other dog was evaluated.

Once it was time for our individual evaluation, he was lively (as usual) when the judge (a very nice fellow) checked his teeth, his head and made sure he still had two testicles. But then he actually didn’t act up on the individual run either. Well, he made one move to do so, but I managed to curb it. The judge looked him over some more, and then wanted us to run again. That’s unusual, so I figured there was something he wasn’t quite happy with, even though I thought Ringo had done pretty well (and I had tried to keep in mind some of the tips from the handlar class we did in spring).

We did get our 1 for quality, but when we were called back in with the other dog, he decided pretty quickly on that one after asking us to run to more laps. He preferred his muzzle (said Ringo’s was a little too short and also too narrow) and preferred his gaits (he thought Ringo’s were a little unsteady, even though he had good propulsion). The other dog was a rather English boxer, and that type is preferred by many judges here. His slightly longer muzzle is, as far as I can tell, typical of that type. So, not much to be done about that. The gaits ... well, we’ll need to try to work on getting him to concentrate more, so he runs mroe steadily.

Though I doubt we can work any miracles until next weekend, when we probably will be heading off to the Swedish boxer championships. Provided we don’t back out of doing the 4-hour-drive each way. ;P

Medium-sized, powerfully built. Good proportions. Masculine head, good eyes and ears. Somewhat short muzzle that is somewhat narrow. Adequate withers, firm back, big-boned. Fairly well-balanced, ground-covering strides, good propulsion. Good temper, eager to work.

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