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Finishing Up

Yesterday was our final lesson of the semester, but in two weeks we’re having a three-day evening course. However, it has turned into just a two-day course for me, as Elio and I are going to a Pet Shop Boys concert one of the days. Given that the last opportunity I had to see them at a proper concert was 1991 or so, I decided I could miss the ponies for one evening. Stupid timing, though.

The lesson yesterday wasn’t much of a lesson, as such, since the other half of the group did their dressage tests. That meant the rest of us rode without supervision, and as I was placed on Heddvig instead of Murphy I was at a bit of a loss as to what to train. So, it turned out to be pretty light on work, though I did try to use some basic exercises just to make her more relaxed before I tried some cantering. She’s still having issues getting into canter, and holding it for long, but she’s improving and she’s certainly fun to ride.

Afterwards, I chatted with Ulrika a bit about the possibility of doing a private lesson focused on riding a dressage test, and she thought that was a good idea. So, that’s on the menu for next semester, if I’ve got some spare money for extra riding.

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