Baroque Play

I may be entering another decor phase (actually, I am not sure I got out of the last one) which undoubtedly will mean some rearranging on the sim yet again. Today, an in-progress build ended up being exiled into the sky to make room for my latest acquisition from the brand new round of We Love Role-Play. As it happened, it also turned out to be a lovely backdrop for some more new items from the same event plus a belated look at a skin that was released at the Skin Fair.

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Skin Fair 2017 - The Plastik

I don’t have that much in the way of clothing to blog right now and that is probably just as well given all the skins I would like to show off. It is (unsurprisingly) particularly true for when I am in a male shape as my inventory is rather heavy on gowns. But that just means you get to see a lot of the Carverus fantasy skin from the Plastik, which is available at the Skin Fair that just opened today.

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Skin Fair 2017

At 12.01 am SL time on the 10th of March, the Skin Fair will open its doors to the public. At the fair, produced by Pale Girl Productions, you will find two sims full of skins, makeups, tattoos, shapes and mesh body parts, with each booth containing at least some exclusive items. Have you yet to find the perfect skin for your mesh head? Or perhaps even the perfect mesh head? Then you will want to fill your inventory with demos and do some thorough testing. You can already start preparing by joining the Pale Girl Productions Info Group to which the designers are sending their demos.

And if you want at look at a few of the designers and an overview of the fair itself, I’ve done a little video for you. In addition to skins and heads, it includes a look at the just released bento update for the Slink female hands. After the video, I have also included close ups of four of the skins that I showcase as well as information about all the bits and pieces worn.

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The Praying Lady

It is feeling a little odd to be setting up photos with a spring/summer feel when we’ve suddenly had a mass of snow dumped on us in real life, just as it was starting to feel like the beginning of spring. But that’s March for you. Fortunately, the weather is a bit more predictable in Second Life, which is to say it is exactly what I need at any given moment. In this case, I wanted a beautiful forest to show off this lovely statue from Noble Creations together with a few other thing from the new round of We Love Role-Play.

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Moon Priestess

One of my favourite pieces from the just released February Treasure Chest was the Sacrificial Rite set from Souzou Eien, so naturally I wanted to build a scene around it. Then I had this gorgeous cloak from Noble Creations and it seemed a shame to distract with other clothing, so I just added a few accessories. Besides, a red cloak and no clothing is best for performing sacrifices, everyone knows that.

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