Baroque Play

I may be entering another decor phase (actually, I am not sure I got out of the last one) which undoubtedly will mean some rearranging on the sim yet again. Today, an in-progress build ended up being exiled into the sky to make room for my latest acquisition from the brand new round of We Love Role-Play. As it happened, it also turned out to be a lovely backdrop for some more new items from the same event plus a belated look at a skin that was released at the Skin Fair.

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Starting with what I am wearing, the lovely gown with the dramatic neckline is one of several new releases for We Love Role-Play from Voluptas Virtualis. The Nessa gown comes in fitted mesh for the bodies from Belleza, Maitreya and Slink and through the included HUD you have several options for how to wear it. Lace trim can be turned on for the top and a lace overlay for the skirt, plus a ribbon for the belt. Each section can then be coloured individually if you have the fatpack option.

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My skin is from 7 Deadly s(K)ins and it is my first time trying them out. I have to say I really like how this face (Mali) came out on the Athena head from LightStar. There are also several things I like about how they sell their skins, not the least that Omega appliers seems to be pretty standard for them.

I do think that the options can be a bit confusing, however, and I would have liked a no-brow option. As it stands, it seems that for most female skins you have two different packs per tone where the differences are in type of freckling and spots/moles.

The body shading is quite nice, especially the breasts, though the butt is shaded a little “compressed” for my tastes. There are also some areas on both face and body, in transition zones, that could benefit from better blending.

Still, they are an excellent option to check out if you are looking for Omega appliers.

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The hairstyle, which is called Kindi, is one of two We Love Role-Play releases from Calico. It was perfect for showing off the Damaskus earrings from the Plastik. These come in three sizes—this is the smallest—and include a HUD with a mass of colour options.

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Finally, a better look at the release from 22796, which includes the Baroque Terrace, Baroque Gazebo and Topiary Set. These are all sold individually at the event, so you don’t have to splurge and go for the whole collection. But you probably should, because it looks really nice put together like this.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, LightStar Athena, Mayfly eyes
Skin: 7 Deadly s(K)ins Mali Spots Cashew
Hair: Calico Kindi We Love Role-Play
Clothes: Voluptas Virtualis Nessa We Love Role-Play
Accessories: The Plastik Damaskus Earrings (The Crossroads)
Poses: Black Tulip
Decor: 22769 Baroque Terrace, Baroque Gazebo and Topiary Set We Love Role-Play

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