Afternoon Tea & Spankings

I have been wanting to photo the second version of Stockholm & Lima’s Victorian bench from the January Deco(c)rate for a while, so when I received a set of chairs and a cart with refreshments from Roawenwood for the Draftsman event, I determined to do something about it. A trip to Sn@tch to take advantage of their huge sale and a trip to Uber to pick up the new Truth hair, and I was set. Well, I also had to get Ran on and dressed for the occasion, since it would be very lonely to photo a Victorian spanking bench on my own.

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Decoratively Benched

Yesterday, I was setting up to take some photos for the Deco(c)rate contest, and after I was done it struck me that I might as well get a nice shot of my new lingerie from Chocolate Atelier while I was at it, plus focus more closely on the lovely bench from Stockholm & Lima that was in the January Deco(c)rate. Only later did I notice that I had failed to active the sleeve layer for the underwear, but fortunately I think the bodysuit looks quite nice whether it is worn with or without the sleeves.

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Lazy Holidays

I am a little tired after a day spent in town, for Christmas markets and that last bit of holiday shopping, so a couple of lazy, laidback shots seemed about right. I’ve put together a few items from the December Deco(c)rate and found myself some pretty things to wear, including another release from the Midwinter Fair.

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