Moon Priestess

One of my favourite pieces from the just released February Treasure Chest was the Sacrificial Rite set from Souzou Eien, so naturally I wanted to build a scene around it. Then I had this gorgeous cloak from Noble Creations and it seemed a shame to distract with other clothing, so I just added a few accessories. Besides, a red cloak and no clothing is best for performing sacrifices, everyone knows that.

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Persephone in Winter

Gothmas by Gaslight is now open, offering two full sims of dark, elegantly twisted creations with a christmas/winter feel to them. Nephilaine Protagonist has really outdone herself with her Pale Empress releases for this event so it is fitting that they are both names for goddesses, namely Skadi and Persephone. It is the latter ensemble that I am featuring in this post, with a bonus gothic gazebo from Souzou Eien as part of the backdrop.

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