Spinning Tales

I have a great fondness for fairy-tales and my book shelves bear evidence of this, being home to a number of different collections of classic fairy-tales as well as various modern retellings and reworkings. Once I knew I wanted to photo the Lucrezia gown from the Muses—out now at the February round of We Love Role-Play, which has a brand new and quite striking build—in front of a window in my castle from Fanatik, a spinning wheel seemed like the perfect fairy tale decor item. Fortunately, I had one from Cheeky Pea from an earlier Deco(c)rate. It also seemed appropriate to decorate the walls with some tapestries from Paper Moon.

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Delicate Chains

It is not easy to find motivation to stay at the computer when we finally have some snow outside. Or time, for that matter, since the dog would prefer to be outside playing all the time. (Un)fortunately, the snow also came with a rather cold northern wind, which makes cozying up inside a little more appealing. The dog still insists, though, and sighs in a very suffering fashion if he doesn’t get what he want.

Given the cold, I opted for a warmer scenario for this post. I had picked up this rug with massage and cuddle animations from Roawenwood during a prior 25 Linden Tuesday and it came in handy for shooting one of the new sets from Voluptas Virtualis.

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Farewell to Genre

I will have to keep this short and sweet with all the holiday preparations going on, but I do want to urge to to visit the very last round of Genre with the theme of Fantasy Winter Role-Play. The lovely gown from the Annex that I am wearing is from the event, as is the pretty necklace from [email protected] which is a gift at the event. Also featured in these photos is hair from Stealthic and new decor items from Paper Moon.

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Snowflake Lucia

The 13th of December means Lucia here in Sweden. I did not get up early this morning to sing and serve lussekatter (saffron buns) while wearing a crown of candles on my head, so I am making up for this with a rather saucy Lucia in Second Life, wearing the latest release from deviousMind. I also decided to pick up the new Christmas tree from Dysfunctionality and it was a lot easier to transport than the actual tree that I carried home from the store yesterday. That tree is now residing in our living room, a bit earlier than usual since we’re gone this coming weekend, though I’ve yet to decorate it.

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The Empty Throne

Tomorrow is the last day for the Coven where you can get Paper Moon’s lovely decor item, the Bolognese Tarot, which is an actual historical tarot deck from the 1600s, I am using three pieces from the collection as the backdrop for this image, which also showcases the Mirror Mirror dress from Noble Creations. The throne is an earlier release from Dysfunctional Designs and I liked the effect of leaving it empty and playing the power behind (or beside) the empty throne in this image.

Speaking of Paper Moon, you also need to make sure to check out the mainstore, as they are having a Black Weekend sale with everything except gachas at 50% off.

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Moroccan Feast

A few days ago, Genre’s Moroccan round opened and in this post I am featuring three releases from the event: the Senga gown from the Muses, the Weapons of the 40 Thieves wall-decoration from Paper Moon and the Moroccan Feast from the Half Moon Market. I am also wearing a gacha hair from Wasabi Pills from the Chapter Four.

The gown comes in several bright patterns and in fitmesh sizes for two Belleza bodies (Isis and Freya), Maitreya and both (yay) Slink bodies. The Weapons come in cool and warm shades and as a whole set or individual pieces.

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The Desert Camp

Paper Moon just released a gorgeous oasis set for the Home Show and it provided the perfect backdrop for the newest items from the Muses and Voluptas Virtualis. I also brought on my alt wearing the Teegle Bento Horse Avatar. I love that you can have the avatar look like different horse breeds by altering the shape—the one I wear here is of course intended to look like an Arabian, and I think it manages quite well!

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Midsummer’s Queen

Midsummer is serious business here in Sweden and as a result I am currently in a bit of a food coma. But of course I had to put together a midsummer inspired scene and fortunately Noble Creations and Paper Moon had just the things I needed for that, with this fantastic throne from the former and the outfit from the latter. I am also wearing another of the new/re-released skins from Adam n Eve, this time Rebecca.

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Vintage Vixen

I am a little bit behind, only now getting around to giving you a look at the Vintage Fair. But I am starting to be less and less eager to beat down the doors of an event on the first day—much nicer to be able to browse with a bit less lag. As the Vintage Fair stretches over two whole sim, you will need a fair bit of time to go through it even with less of a crowd around, so now is definitely a good time. In this post, I am taking a look at Adam n Eve, deviousMind, Roawenwood and Paper Moon, plus a hair from Wasabi Pills (not from the Vintage Fair).

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Aisling has two elaborate gachas out for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and together with We Love Role-Play releases from the Muses and Paper Moon, it lent itself to a touch of oriental fantasy featuring a desert night and a hard-to-resist invitation.

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Astrology Hair

Astrology is a new hair brand from the creator behind Alice Project, featuring among other things a custom HUD which allows you to pick your twenty favourite colours to make your own mix pack. I decided it could be fun to show it off in a video, in which I also try out some of the other features of the HUD. If I ramble even more than usual, it might have something to do with having gotten up at 4 am to take part in a working dog trial for the first time. I did manage to retroactively sort out that the two hairs featured in the video will be available at Hairology on the 10th of May. The first style from Astrology, called Magenta, is available at Uber already.

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The Poet’s Muse

I had hoped to do more Fantasy Faire posts, but the past weekend was a bit of a blur with both a dressage competition and a dog show. Now I am trying to catch up on RL work (not sure what possessed me to squeeze in a Literature class amidst everything else!) so my blogging backlog has grown even larger. However, a bit of a break for some creative fun is good for recharging, so I took some time off to setup a scene with a charming prop from Noble Creations. The table, that is, not Ran. Though he’s a pretty charming prop too. ;)

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Fantasy Faire 2017 - Fairy Frolics

Inspired by the lovely Honeysuckle Fairy dress (complete with wings!) from Paper Moon, I went full fairy today and flitted about the Faireland Junctions. This stunning sim, which is the waypoint to all the other sims, is built by the talented Sayige Lotus of Balderdash. Its amazingly lush, with huge trees that make you feel like a pixie and masses of fantastic flowers everywhere. Make sure you don’t just pass through it!

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Mounted Warrior

It has been too long since I brought out my pony, aka my alt’s Teegle Bento Horse Avatar. But I recently sent her shopping for some fancy new tack so that gave me a good excuse to do these photos on horseback. Speaking of horses, the Water Horse wearable bento horse is also out now, but I am indecisive as to whether I should get that one too. It could get pricey to dress up two horses, if nothing compared to what it costs in real life (I just bought a new leather halter, and those don’t come cheap).

Also featured in this post are two new We Love Role-Play releases and a hair from a relaunched brand.

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Slink Dynamic Hands

Today I thought I would take a bit of an overdue look at the bento update to the Slink hands which came out a few weeks ago. And, seeing as we’re talking about bento, a video was of course in order to show the new possibilities with these hands. I also took the opportunity to show off the FATE Hand Poser and several sets of new manicures from the Plastik, as well as featuring two new releases from the Ostara’s Altar event (which I ended up calling Altar of Ostara in the video) since that suited the beautiful spring weather we’ve had today.

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