Fantasy Faire 2021: The Hooded One

Tall buildings strive towards the sky, light filters through colourful stained glass windows and ominous robed figures stand watch. In the middle of the city lies a great, fallen figure, entombed in stone. Somniatoris Arx, sponsored by ContraptioN, is one of the wonders of this year’s Fantasy Faire. Others have done wonderful work capturing images of the build, I opted for something more modest and tried to put together an outfit that echoed the mood of the sim.

For that, I went to the hood by Raven Bell, pairing that with a mask from Air and a gown from Kotolier, creating a mysterious figure in black and gold.

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Flowering Lace

The Gacha Garden is full of a new crop of flowers, among them another beautiful set of applier lingerie from Luxuria. I am “cheating” a bit, however, because what I am wearing in these photos is actually the Seed of Inspiration, the special prize awarded every 20 pulls on a specific machine. That said, the regular version of the Grazia lingerie, as the set is called, is also a very pretty design. I just couldn’t resist the black and red combination that is unique to the Seed of Inspiration. The regular set comes in 9 common colours and 1 rare (black) and has the same cut of panty but a bra instead of a bustier.

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