The Huntress

A new round of Zodiac by the Hottie Cooterati Experience opened yesterday and I fell head over heels in love with the archery poses from HopScotch. My first impulse was to dress up as Artemis, but then another idea popped into my head. This one’s for the really obsessed A Song of Ice and Fire fans; a loose interpretation of Princess Daena, having snuck out of the Maidenvault dressed as a peasant girl to go hunting.

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Still Unhinged

Unhinged is still going on and if you’d like an idea of what’s on offer, check out this list—with photos—of all merchant booths. I’ll be showing three more things myself; a charming mesh dress from Geometry, boots from lassitude & ennui and a necklace from Perception.

I am also showing Afia, another new skin from Adam n Eve, and one more of Alice Project’s hairs from Around the World.

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