Summer Beauties

I still have quite a few things to cover that I picked up at various recent events even as there are even more events opening. Whew. We’re certainly spoilt for choice right now, and that’s even with me not able to wear most of the mesh out there. But now the deformer seems to be shaping up too, so maybe that will change soon enough.

That is a digression, however. Let us have a look at some sexy lingerie from Zaara, some pretty mesh jewellery from Maxi Gossamer, a new skin from Adam n Eve and some makeup from M.O.C.K. Oh, and some lovely, lovely furniture from Rustica.

Dark Resurrection

The Fantasy Faire is winding down, but the stores featured there will still be around after it’s done, and they’re worth visiting. Our last featured designer at Devil’s Locket is Vengeful Threads, from creator Vixn Dagger.

A Dream of Empire

Fantasy Faire 2012 continues apace—in fact, it’s been extended a day because of SL’s problems this Thursday—and there’s so many great designers present, it’s rather ridiculous. To continue the focus on Devil’s Locket, this time we have stunning, stunning furniture (and more) from one of Second Life’s premiere mesh designers, Maxwell Graf of Rustica, who’s also the official sponsor of the sim.

Fantasy Faire - We’re All Ears

In this report from the Fantasy Faire, we are all ears for the shocking gossip about the high elven lady and her seelie lover.

Actually, we’re all ears for the fabulous new mesh ears from Illusions, but close enough!

Other Faire goodies in this post include the stunning Cernunna gown from Nomine and one of several new mesh hair styles from Wasabi Pills.

Dark Steam from the Aether

Fantasy Faire is going strong, and there’s an amazing array of talented designers spread across the various sims. One of our personal favorite stores is Nomine, which can be found on Devil’s Locket. Designer Munchflower Zaius has put together some amazing creations over the years, both in terms of skins and clothing, showing a range and imagination that’s second to none.

A Pale Princess

Gorgeous gowns are a necessary element of a Fantasy Faire. Every self-respecting lady and ethereal elven maiden needs to be dressed appropriately, after all. On the Shifting Sands sim, you’ll find Kouse’s Sanctum and a wide variety of very lovely gowns.

I am also wearing a Fantasy Faire skin from ND/MD Skins & Shapes.

Under the Sea

Fantasy Faire 2012 is here, and there’s an amazing array of sims—created by some of SL’s leading designers—featuring scores of stores covering every possible theme you could imagine! One of our personal favorites has been and remains Tekeli-li, who can be found at The Tides. His unique jewelry, weapons, and hair have often featured a somewhat watery theme, so to speak (and how not, when one is inspired by the Lovecraftian mythos, with its ancient drowned city of R’lyeh where Cthulhu sleeps deathless?) So it’s no surprise that you’ll find an aquatic theme to this year’s offerings.

Fantasy Faire - Fallen Gods and Studio Sidhe

This years Fantasy Faire opens at noon today. There are eight sims full of great, imaginative designers and we hope to be bringing you quite a few looks at the wonderful things they have on offer. The Faire is organised to benefit RFL and each designer offers selected designs as donation items.

Our first look combines a lovely couple pose from Studio Sidhe with a wonderfully imaginative skin from Fallen Gods as well as a Petite avatar—who can possibly resist the little darlings? The Fantasy Faire certainly looks like a great place to find a lot of Petite-related merchandise.

One Bad Pixel

Opening soon is One Bad Pixel, an all-mesh store that focuses on the saucier side of things. They have advised following their plurk to find out exactly when and where the store will be opening.

I was sent a preview of their opening collection and I’ll be sharing a few pieces with you today. I know, I know, full mesh clothing isn’t really my thing since I won’t change my shapes, but these pieces are so sexy that I had to dig out the shape that worked the best and get creative with angles. I do think that these mesh pieces are more proportionate than many others that I have tried, though it is all following the “Standard Sizing” system.

The fence I am using to pose with is from LostAngel and it is part of their Spring collection for the Pose Fair. It comes in two versions—single avatar and multi avatar—and features a total of 10 poses. This is a fun, versatile prop with some great poses that you can easily use in a variety of contexts.

The Lotus Eater

Ethnic skins can be hard to find, especially for men, particularly skins that really provide a very ethnic look that goes beyond dark skin or epicanthic folds. So it was with real pleasure that I discovered that The Body Co.—after a series of skins that simply weren’t to my taste (high quality, as always, but just not along the lines of what I liked—had released a new skin that did fit very well into my wheel-house: Lotus, a sort of South Asian skin that really grasped the idea that not everything has to be cookie cutter.

Pose Fair 2012 - Exposed

If what you are looking for are couple poses for some more or less risque situations, head over to Pose Fair South and check out what’s on offer from Exposeur. There’s a lot of new and fair exclusive releases, ranging from sweet to sassy to pretty steamy. Of course, if you take your clothes off, even more innocent poses can get ... less innocent.

Pose Fair 2012 - The Naughty Side

Not too many hours now until Pose Fair 2012 opens. If you are looking for poses of the raunchier kind, you’ll want to head to the South sim first. It doesn’t just have naughty poses, of course, but that’s where you’ll find fun props such as the Mistress chair from elymode. Have someone in your life that needs a bit of discipline?

Pose Fair 2012 - It is Almost Here

Sunday the 15th of April at 12 pm the two Pose Fair sims—Pose Fair South and Pose Fair North—will be opening their doors. I have been enjoying the blogger preview for the last two days and there is a wealth of great poses and props for you to try out.

As a little teaser, lets start with a thoughtful, moody prop from Faery Sola, perfect for those who love a bit of storytelling in their photos.

Not a White Wedding

Time to get married in Second Life, but not in the mood for white? Or perhaps you just want something a little more unique? Then head over to Nomine and check out the Persephone Gown, first in a series of limited edition wedding gowns with a twist and lots of options, including some very sexy lingerie.

Of course, these also make great gowns for other purposes too.

Green is the new Gray

The last weeks have been crazy, but I finally managed to squeeze in some photography today to cover some new releases, an on-going event and an upcoming event. Phew.

The on-going event is Wear Gray for a Day which benefits the American Brain Tumor Association. I am not exactly wearing gray, but I am wearing an eyeshadow from elymode that’s one of the donation items for the fair. The capris with mesh attachments are also from elymode and are available in two special colours for the event.

The upcoming event that I want to make note of is Pose Fair 2012 which will run from Sunday April 15th to April 30th and showcase 120 vendors across two sims. Lately, I’ve been playing a lot with furniture with built-in poses and animations, such as these chairs from our patisserie by Alchemy Immortalis.