Woodland Dancer

Today I am dancing through the woods on my tiptoes to summon spring. Or rather, my virtual self is, but given that its back to rain around here I might be up for some spring summoning myself. In particular, I am really hoping the weekend stays dry as I am doing my first-ever dressage competition on Sunday. For now, though, I am content to listen to the rain (it sounds a bit springy, admittedly) putting together this post which focuses on the latest We Love Role-Play round as well as a big Slink update.

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Lets start with the Slink news, since that is why I am on my toes in the first place. Siddean has added two new feet to her collection, called Kitten and Pointe. The former is for a lower heel than the current Mid foot and the latter, of course, is a foot for a true en pointe position. The feet are now also available as a Deluxe pack of all feet and this includes a HUD where you can switch between the different foot styles via the HUD! That alone makes it worth grabbing and right now it is also being sold at an introductory price where you only pay for the new feet, so its a great deal whether or not you have the other three feet since before. The new HUD also comes with other improvements, such as a seamless fit for feet and hands to the Physique bodies. You will want to grab updates for your existing hands, feet and bodies to make sure they all work with the new HUD.

The Margot ballet slippers have also been updated and they now listen to the script that comes with the Deluxe foot HUD, letting the shoe change position alongside of the feet. I am wearing them in white here and the HUD smoothly changed both them and the feet into the en pointe position. This script is available for other shoe makers to make use of as well, so that all appropriate shoes can following along with the feet.

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If you have elfin leanings, this round of We Love Role-Play has quite a few nice things. The skin I am wearing here is Aveline by Tuli which comes in two special tones and with accessory tattoos such as colourful brows, eyeliners, eyeshadows and lipsticks sold in separate packs. Also available are elf ears and Tuli’s teeth HUD for the new tones. This is a very pretty, ethereal skin and great for wearing wild hair colours as the brows match a range of pastels.

Adding to the woodland feeling is the Flora headdress from Aisling, which combines floral shapes, jewels and long, draped chains. It comes with a HUD offering options for the metal and the stones.

Also HUD-driven and offering quite a range of colour combinations is the Hilma spring dress from Paper Moon. Its essentially a fatpack in one with three different parts of the dress changeable separately. I love the feel of this skirt, its one of those mesh pieces that looks “alive” in the right sort of poses.

The hair worn here is Tariel from EMO-tions and I am using fantasy poses from Musa. The eyes are from Mayfly’s luminous range.

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