Winter Whites

Today is generally the year’s laziest (or possibly second laziest after January 1st) day for me. There’s nothing more that has to get finished in time for Christmas (we celebrate on the 24th in Sweden) and there’s lots of yummy leftovers. So its all about curling up with a book and puttering about with things like wintry photos in Second Life.

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The Iseult gown from Evie’s Closet is one of the loveliest white gowns I’ve seen, with shading that brings out the details while still leaving it looking beautifully pale and frosty. It reminds me a little of the opulent gown from the ball sequence in Labyrinth, though with less 80’s sleeves.

In the background you can see the holiday sleigh from Trompe Loeil.

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The hair, the hair ornaments and the headpiece is all part of Calico’s newest fantasy hair release, Eira. The ornaments are integral but the headpiece is a separate attachment, so the hair can be worn without that. The HUD which controls your hair colour also offers a wide variety of options for colouring up both the hair ornaments and the headpiece. The HUD also allows you to turn on or off dreadlocks that go on top of the lengths of hair in front, but for this look I preferred this setup. I really like the way this hair frames my face as well as the fall of it in the back.

The necklace glimpsed beneath the hair is the Ensorcelled necklace from ellabella for the current round of We Love Role-Play. I love how the gems are not connected by any chains or other metal; it really looks magical that way.

There’s no sign of snow around here (just lots of wind and rain, brr), so it is fortunate that there’s at least plenty of virtual snow and winter to be experienced in Second Life. I expect this won’t be the last set of pictures on that theme that I take while pining for the real thing.

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