The Summoning

They were not ready for what answered them…

F&M Oblivion has two cool fantasy hair styles at the Hair Fair with this one, called Selene, being the most spectacular. As it reminded me of horns as well as the curve of the moon, something magical seemed an obvious choice. Fortunately, I had just won a Discord giveaway from Petrichor for the very cool Kelstreia outfit (which consists of many more pieces than what I am showing) and I think it goes really well with the hair to sell the idea of perhaps a succubi or other demonic creature having been summoned. The summoning circle is from Roawenwood and includes animations both for a central figure and for people praying and summoning in the outer circle. Placing it deep within the cave system from Fanatik added an underworldly touch to the proceedings.

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Body Parts:  The Shops Legacy Perky body, The Shops Legacy hands & feet,  LeLutka Zora head, LeLutka eyes
Skin: DeeTaleZ Hope Celtic
Cosmetics: DeeTaleZ Cheekbones 25% Light Skin,  alaskametro  Crystal Eyeshadow (Summer Festival Vibes Hunt) and Metallurgy Lipstick (Shop n Hop)
Hair: F&M Oblivion Selene (Hair Fair - Noirette)
Clothes: Petrichor Kelstreia Bodysuit and Complex Sharps
Accessories: Petrichor Malysine Boots, Kelstreia Bindi and Orb
Decor: Fanatik Caves, Roawenwood Spellbound Prayer & Summoning Circle

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