The Knight and the Lady

I am back with more from Hullabazoo, because of course I wanted to cover Teegle’s new release as well—a fantastic set of jousting tack for each of the Teeglepet breeds except for the American Paint and the Shetland Pony. A perfect opportunity for Ran to dress up in his fantastic armour from Silhouette Warfare and setup a gorgeous fantasy scene of a knight meeting his lady.

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I decided to put the tack on the impressive Clydesdale (of course wearing his Luxury Mane and Tail from Mythril) and coloured it up in black and gold. There are 40 texture options plus a tinting hud and there are 10 faces that you can colour individually. It is a really beautiful and versatile set.

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Ran also picked up a lance from Kish to be able to colour it up to match the tack. The lance includes different holding positions that can be finetuned further and it is fully scripted to work with a jousting system. That part is not something we have tried out—not yet, anyway!

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Most of the major landscaping such as the stone bridge, the river and both castles is from Fanatik. I love how epic it makes the background look.


On Freyja:

Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, LeLutka Simone head, Mayfly eyes
Skin: Imabee Atara Apical
Hair: Mina Emilia
Clothes: Senzafine Aradia Gown
Poses: Musa, Black Tulip

On Ran:

Clothes: Silhouette Warfare High Gothic Armour
Accessories: Kish Creations Kish Lance

Horse: Teegle Teeglepet Clydesdale with Mythril Luxury Mane and Tail and Teegle Clydesdale Jousting Tack Hullabazoo

Decor: Fanatik Stone Bridge, River Bed, Arkaig Castle and Dungan Castle.

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