Ravishing Rafferty at Skin Fair 2020

It can hardly have passed anyone by that the biggest skin event of the SL year, the Skin Fair, opened on the 13th of March and will continue until the 29th. Right now the two sims are still pretty packed, but it has started easing up a tiny bit, at least when it isn’t peak hours. I’ve got a booth there myself this year, with four new Kanon shapes, though the one I am using in this post is actually not one of them. I had made mine to go with the three exclusive skins by Adam n Eve, and then sachi went and added a fourth just as the fair was about to open! So, I’ve made a shape for the Rafferty skin using LeLutka Erin, but I haven’t had time to package it yet.

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With these new releases, sachi has moved over to pure BoM skins. The previous releases did have system layers, but now that is the focus. They have been made with LeLutka Evolution heads in mind and look fabulous on Erin as well as the new release, Lake.

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Rafferty, the last minute addition, is probably my new favourite, especially as a redhead! But you don’t need to choose, because you get a lot of options included for brows. You also get cleavage options, dimples, freckles, moles, various liners and a set of lipstains. You can buy Rafferty as a full skin or as just a head tattoo, if you already have the body.

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When looking at a skin, I tend to go for a fairly stripped-down look, but a few things bear mentioning. The cute little barely there skirt is from Roawenwood and the earrings are a lovely set from Dreaming Thicket inspired by ancient Greek earrings. The hair is Truth’s latest VIP gift and the very pretty eyes are GA.EG’s Ultimate Eyes with an eye from a pack available at Skin Fair. The basic version of the Ultimate Eyes is free and very feature rich (I love the positioning options), but I am seriously considering the Gold edition which adds BoM capabilities.


Body Parts: Slink Physique body, Slink hands & feet, LeLutka Erin head, GA.EG Ultimate Eyes 2.0 with Full Moon Pack C (Skin Fair)
Skin: Adam n Eve Rafferty Tone D (Skin Fair)
Hair: Truth Vivid (VIP Group Gift)
Clothes: Roawenwood Andrea Skirt
Accessories: Dreaming Thicket Heliotrope Earrings Gold (We Love Role-Play)
Decor: Tia Pompeii Bathhouse

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