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Nephilaine of the Muses has been on fire lately, releasing a string of fantasy/roleplay outfits, some for women and quite a few for men! She sent me a selection of these and of course I had to tell Ran to pick some up as well, so that we could do a photo together and show off a pair of the new releases. Since I don’t have a separate male alt, that meant changing myself into ManFreyja, which is always a bit weird since I’ve just got a female AO. ;) I am not sure what I dislike the most, standing around with the female AO on when I am dressed as a male or standing around with the AO off and looking like a noob. That may actually be more painful.

Anyway, back to business of showing off these outfits! We headed off to our tavern by Fanatik to play some nice, in the form of a working dice game by the Dreaming Thicket.

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First we have a shot across the table, showing Ran in the outfit called Cameron and a hair from Argrace. I really like the billowing sleeves on this shirt.

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Next we have ManFreyja in Yves and a hair from Exile.

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Both these outfits are full body outfits, which has several advantages. First, they can be worn with most mesh bodies or even classic bodies. Second, guys who just want to get ready quickly have a single thing to put on and no outfit planning needed. In particular, no hunting for boots and pants that work together, it is already taken care of for you.


On (Man)Freyja:

Body Parts: Slink Physique Male body, Slink hands & feet,  LightStar Apollo Head, Mayfly eyes
Skin: The Plastik Gradvius
Hair: Exile Rogue
Clothes: The Muses Yves Red

On Ran:

Body Parts: The Shops Classic Meshbody Male, LightStar Rajan Head
Hair: Argrace
Clothes: The Muses Cameron Black

Decor: Fanatik Medieval Village B, Dreaming Thicket Rogue’s Dice


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